EV Charging

Ohm Analytics is dedicated to helping charging networks, EVSE manufacturers, EVSE installers, solar companies, OEMs, utility teams, distributors, and more understand the EV Charging Landscape.  Our research and data covers:

EV Charging Stations

  • We aggregate 1,000s of sources into our database of all active L2 and DC fast charging stations with detailed station attributes including network providers, location, owner, developer, etc.

NEVI Funding Tracker and State and Local RFPs

  • We are tracking RFPs for EV charging projects across the U.S. including fleet, bus, and other EV applications.
  • We are also tracking state level NEVI funding awards and bidding processes.

Top EVSE Resellers, Installers, and Developers

  • Our database has details on the electrical contractors and developers building EV charging infrastructure (L2 vs. DCFC stations, networked vs. non-networked stations) broken down zip code level.

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