Weekly Solar Activity Tracker

Solar Industry,

Many of our clients have asked that we use our data capabilities to track solar activity on a more real-time basis to monitor the impact of the COVID virus and eventual rebound.

In response, we have compiled a weekly tracker of solar permits and other records in major solar markets in the U.S.

We have decided to open this feature to the entire industry during this period as we think it will on the margin help companies navigate the uncertainty (inventory/staffing planning and geographic focus areas). You can sign up for immediate access below.

We will get through this.


Chris Collins, Founder (Reach out – chris at ohmanalytics.com)

Note: We are a self-funded start-up with 8 employees that rely on our subscription revenues for their livelihood.  Please share this link and if you are interested in access to our full platform, please reach out directly to me. 

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