Solar Company Data Partnership

Get access to three full states in the Ohm platform, Ohm’s research reports, and support from Ohm’s data team to make custom queries at no monetary cost by sharing your project level details. Check out the video below for more details!

How do I sign up?

1. Review the sample template below to see what fields Ohm is looking for. The most important fields are the install date, system size, equipment, and financing details. Ohm is not looking for any competitively sensitive information, so please do not include customer names or addresses in the file.

2. Put together your file using your CRM or Sales tool.

3. Submit your file using the form below.

Once you submit the form, the Ohm team will reach out to set up your expanded access and share the most recent market report. If you have any questions, contact 

Solar Company Data Submission

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